Affiliate Signup

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Affiliate signs up on TyrooCentral platform to run campaigns and earn revenue. For this purpose, Affiliate needs to provide some information and follow a verification process. Once done, the affiliate should be added to the system and post verification by platform admin, can login to platform and start running campaigns and earning revenue.




Input Information

Affiliate signup collects information in three broad areas,

  • Summary of Business
    • Company Related Information
      • Name of company – Registered name of the company
      • Country – Base country of the company
      • Address – Registered address of the company
    • Affiliate related information
      • Affiliate Category – Category which best defines the area of operation of affiliate
      • Affiliate Type – Mode which best defines the affiliate delivery methods.
      • Affiliate URL – URL of affiliate website
  • Identification information for affiliates main contact
    • Name – First and Last name of affiliate contact
    • Email – Email ID which would be used for any further communication
    • Username – Username which would be used for authentication of user on interface and in api’s
    • Password – Password which would be used for authentication of user on interface and in api’s
  • Finance related information
    • Currency – Currency in which affiliate wants to see all revenue as well as invoices.
  • Platform Type
    • Publisher should clearly identify through which Platform he wants to serve the Ads- Mobile App, Mobile Website or Web.This is mandatory for them to fill, if they want to run campaigns for various platforms.

Verify Email

Post filling all the information, an affiliate and user is created in platform. A verification mail is sent on email id provided during signup process above. This mail, contains a link, which when clicked, verifies the email ID and takes the user to next step of domain verification.

Verify Domain

Post email verification, affiliate is required to verify the domain of affiliate website. This process confirms ownership of the domain. To do the same, affiliate is presented with 3 options,

  • By Meta keyword – A keyword along with META tag is presented, which needs to be placed in the <head> section of index page of the website. This tag is then read by platform, and if it matches with the affiliate value, domain is verified.
  • By TXT DNS entry - A key is generated and provided, which needs to be added to DNS for the said domain.This key is then read by platform, and if it matches with the affiliate value,domain is verified.
  • By storing a text file in server root folder – A text file is downloaded, which needs to be uploaded in the root folder of the current domain. This file is then read by platform, and if it matches with the affiliate value, domain is verified.

This step helps ensure ownership of the domain being registered for is authenticated.

Admin Verification

Post domain verification, the affiliate needs to be approved by the admin. Affiliate can contact their account managers, and they will help expedite the process. Post this step,affiliate can sign-up to platform and start running campaigns.


I am an individual affiliate, do not own a company, what should I fill in company related fields?

Fields in question here along with values are mentioned here,

Company Name – Write Individual

Country – Please provide your country of residence

Company Type – Please select Individual from dropdown

What is currency used for?

Currency is used to show affiliates revenue and invoices in desired currency. Hence, although transaction was made in INR, but a specific affiliate wants to see revenue in $, he can select USD for currency, and the conversions will be done accordingly.

What is platform Type used for ?

Platform Type is used to identify which all campaigns a Publisher is eligible to run. If a Publisher has not chosen Platform Type as Mobile App and wants to run campaigns which are meant for Mobile Apps, he will not be able to do so.

What is the conversion value used for in currency?

Currently, conversion is done according to the conversion value provided by finance at beginning of every month.

What is difference between Affiliate Type and Company Type?

Affiliate Type identifies the type of campaigns an affiliate is capable of running, whereas Company Type basically identifies the Type of company affiliate belongs to, like individual, proprietorship etc.

I am unable to log-in even post verifying domain, what should I do?

Please ensure that you have verified both your email and domain. If yes,you can confirm from your account manager about back-end verification.