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Bid Management


Advertisers need to submit bid for various SKU’s that they have submitted via the Product Feed.Bid Type can be CPC,CPS or CPM.

Optimization for Events

If the Advertisers are looking to optimize for any event like- Purchase/Fallback install, they can do so by setting the event based goal at campaign level. In order to optimize for Purchase/Fallback Install , event integration should be enabled.The set event is considered in the quality score calculation.

For more details click on this link-PLA_GOAL_SETTING

Ad ranking and rendering

Each and every SKU is competing with each other for Ad serving. Ad rank of each SKU is calculated based quality score and bid value. For more details, click on the link Ad_Ranking_SKU_PLA

How to Bid

Report widget can be used to check the Avg bid values product wise, along with the CTR and CR values of each SKU. Lower bid values can be placed on SKU which has higher CTR and CR . Even with a low CPC bid, those SKU's will have higher Ad ranks. The report can also be used to identify the best performing SKU's and categories. If some SKU's or categories have not got enough exposure , then higher bids can be placed on those SKU's/categories.

Product wise bids.PNG

Bid Management through Tyroo Central

Upload Scheme

Category classification varies from advertisers to advertiser. Hence advertiser classification needs to be mapped with Tyroo's standard classification. For mapping, post the product feed is parsed, following url-<campaignid> should be hit on a browser to download the advertisers classification.<campaignid> needs to be replaced with the actual campaign ID on TC to which the product feed is attached. Post the file is downloaded,the categories needs to be mapped with Tyroo's standard classification and uploaded via the specified template. Template can be downloaded from Bidding--> Scheme Upload.


Without uploading the scheme,no bids can be submitted. Advertisers need to make sure that mapping is correct, since it directly impacts the recommendation of SKU's to end user. Incorrect classification might need to incorrect recommendation and hence would directly impact the campaign CTR and CR.

Download Bid Template

The bid template can be downloaded from Tyroo Central -> Bidding Management -> Download Bid Template.

The inputs are:

1. Advertiser: This is the advertiser for which we need to download the Template.

2. Campaign Name: This is the particular PLA campaign which has been created for this advertiser. We want to bid for this campaign.

3. Category: This is the Taxonomy for which the bid template needs to be downloaded. Suppose if we want to download for mobile phones, then we would select the Taxonomy electronics -> communications -> telephony -> mobile phones

4. Brand- In case you want to download specific brands product, then please apply the filter

5.Availability status- User can download the file for in stock, out of stock or both kind of products

6. Fill your email id details.

7. Job will be scheduled and the file will be emailed to your email id.

Bid Downlaod template.PNG
Upload Bid Template

1. Update the bid values under the “max_cpc” or "max_ecpa" or "max_cpm" in the downloaded bid template csv file.Bids that are below the floor value will not be accepted. Floor values can be seen via - Bidding Management --> View Floor Rates

Bid upload.PNG

2. Upload the bid Template onto Tyroo Central Platform after updating the bids in the csv bid template.

This is done from Bidding Management -> Upload Bid Template

1. Select the Advertiser

2. Select the Campaign Name

3. Select the country for which bids needs to be displayed

Ensure that the uploaded file is in the correct csv format.Also the file should not exceed 2 MB.The inputs of Advertiser and Campaign should be same for which the template was downloaded

Bid Uplaod UI.PNG

View Submitted Bid

View submitted bids helps to know the historical bidding data.All the bids submitted till date can be seen through this tab.

1. Select the Advertiser for which you want to download the bids

2. Select the campaign name for which you want to download the bids

3. Select the country for which you want to download the bids

4. Enter the email id where you want to receive the bid history file

The submitted bid can be viewed from Bidding Management -> View Submitted Bid.

View Submitted bids.PNG

The submitted bid would be seen in the downloaded excel file.

Submitted bids excel sheet.PNG

Check Processing Status

User can check the processing status of following

  • Download Bid Template
  • Upload Feeds
  • View Submitted Bids

Check Bidding Status.JPG


SKU Stock Keeping Unit
CPC Cost Per Click
CPA Cost per Acquisition or Conversion
CPM Cost per thousand impression