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Tyroo - Publisher Integration Primer

Here is a primer to choose your integration method with Tyroo’s Native Monetization Platform.

Which Integration to choose - APP or WEB?


Using our APIs you can design offers in the UI as you want. It is best to go for this integration if you have resources allocated to improve UI and choose to design the storefront which gets powered by Tyroo offers. Typical Integrations would be shop sections, already existing coupon and shopping offers section etc.


Tightly controlled design control for the publisher, Tyroo team limits itself to ensuring integration on API, final customer experience is a function of effort on the part of the publisher / developer

Negative :-

Fill rate may be limited by the fact that a lot of new formats which we as ad-tech enablers keep on developing to improve publisher earnings may not be useful. Fill rates tend to be between 70 – 80% for India Inventory, backfill may need to be there. Publisher eCPM uplift is a function of how integration has been done and what all information Publisher is ready to share while making the request for Ads.

Targeting of the offers like which offers can be displayed in which geo , which OS like Android, iOS, Windows, or which platform mobile or desktop has to be taken care by the publishers. If implemented incorrectly, it will impact the clicks, conversions and the revenue. API response will provide the relevant targeting information about the offers, but implementation has to be taken care by the Publisher


Our JS Tag Implementation is an easy quick fix to begin monetizing on desktop, mobile web for brand and install campaigns. We recommend this as an immediate start for publishers to test out the platform. However a limiting factor is the non-availibility of premium eCommerce demand seeking App Inventory which requires new formats which Tyroo development keeps on rolling out every month which first get released on our SDK. JS Implementation on Apps may limit the premium offers on the App.


Our preferred mode of integrating with publishers whose primary traffic comes from the app allows us to serve a minimum 95% fill on inventory with multiple offers. Our Tyroo partner management gives access to insights via on publisher earnings and partner management team works to share a quarterly on where is the eCPM expected to be in the coming month and quarter. Increase in app size post SDK integration is less than 100 KB.

Key Factors why we prefer SDK implementation to any other

  1. Simple integration
  2. Availability of higher demand dollars for in app inventory accessible through SDK
  3. Higher eCPM realization of App inventory
  4. Native ad formats redesigned for your type of app
  5. Insightful reports shared by your partner manager.
  6. Powerful recommended Ads to user leading to better CTR and CR leading to higher eCPM

Ad ranking Engine- Equation

At the heart on Tyroo’s native monetization platform is a powerful algorithm - Equation, which works to maximize publisher earnings. For the algorithm to optimally work , we recommend an APP integration through SDK and Mobile Web/Desktop Implementation through JS Tags