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To provide a single tag to advertisers, that acts like a master tag and provides capabilities to tag everything on site with this single tag. This tag provides for integration of multiple campaigns, multiple campaign types as well as different services, like re-targeting etc. via a single tag, with zero dependency on changes on the advertiser side, post initial deployment.


Key Features

  • One container tag for whole site.
  • This tag can have multiple pixels fired on different conditions.
  • Single deployment required, subsequent changes can be managed from online interface
  • 3rd Party pixel firing, which can be used for retargeting or for any other scenario can be done independently.
  • Asynchronous loading of pixels, so that it doesn't cause any issues on advertiser site.

Container Tag Components

Following two combine to make one set of tags to fire.

  1. Tag
    1. Tyroocentral Tags
      1. Campaign Selector (For this advertiser)
      2. Tag Type selector (Lead/Sale)
      3. Action Selector (If static)
    2. Custom 3rd Party HTML Tags
      1. Added by Advertiser or Account Manager
      2. Disallowed tags – Synchronous loading, Multiple-related tags(multiple pieces need to fire in the same page),Document.write anywhere in tag.
    3. Custom 3rd Party Post-back url
      1. A simple URL, and variable association provided.
  2. Rules for firing
    1. URL (URL of page) (Equals to, contains, does not contain, regex,starts with, ends with)
    2. Variable value (Equals to, contains, does not contain, greater then,less then, regex)
      1. Pre-defined
      2. Custom
    3. Cookie – First party cookie,value. Works like variable.
  3. Variables
    1. Predefined
      1. Tyroocentral predefined variables(same as defined earlier)
    2. Custom
      1. Part of a pre-defined JSON Object.
      2. Variable name and value provided as a key-value pair.

Workflow for Tag Manager

  • Advertiser or Account Manager creates a new container for their site.
  • Defines various tags and rules on which these will fire
    • Every tag will be associated with variables.
    • TyrooCentral tags - automatically selects variable values.
  • Container tag code is picked up and placed across site by advertiser. On every page, when it fires, backend tags fire according to rules.

Sample Container Pixel

<script type="text/javascript">
cookieid = '';
getjson = {
    TRANSACTIONID_VALUE: 'transaction_id',
    CARTVALUE_VALUE: 'cart_value',
    ACTION_KEY: '',
res = encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(getjson));
loc = document.URL;
var scr = document.createElement("script");
var host = (("https:" ==document.location.protocol) ? "https://" : "http://") +"";
scr.setAttribute('async', 'true');
scr.type = "text/javascript";
scr.src = host +"/container.php?cid=184&getjson=" + res + '&loc=' + loc +'&cookieid=' + cookieid;
((document.getElementsByTagName('head') || [null])[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0].parentNode).appendChild(scr);

In the container pixel variables are passed in JSON format. The text marked in upper case is the variable name and the text in lower case is the value that would be passed by the advertiser.

If you are using container for a lead campaign then the variable name would be LEADID_VALUE. You can pass the lead id in it as shown below.


TRANSACTIONID_VALUE, ACTIONKEY_VALUE, CARTVALUE_VALUE are the variables and their values should be passed. Transaction id is mandatory for CPS campaign.


Use Case