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How monetization works ?

Step 1

Login at TyrooCentral and manage Ad rules from the interface.

Step 2

Decide the Ad type ( Products & App Install) and Campaigns

Step 3

Ads based on optimization algorithm and your preferences is served to the user. User views the Ad ,clicks on it and perform actions like Purchase or install.

Step 4

Track your earnings from TyrooCentral interface real time or integrate postbacks if you want to track it in your own platform.

Steps to Integrate

Register App on TyrooCentral

1.Go to or click here
2.Login with your TyrooCentral username and password or Create Account

Rules and Filters

When a publisher registers on the platform a default rule that contains all approved campaigns will be applied to that

One can also create custom rules to select the type (product/install) and also choose the particular offers. The custom rules will take priority over the default rule.

How to create a new Rule

A new rule can be created by clicking on the "Add Rule" button in the Manage Ad Rules tab.


On the displayed pop up, preferences can be chosen like whether you want to served Install Ads, Product Listing Ads or both.

When Install Ad is selected , you can choose the following

  • Campaigns for which you want to serve the Ads
  • Campaign category
  • Language in which you want to serve the Ads


When Product Ad is selected, you can choose the following

  • Campaigns for which you want to serve the Ads


Activate/Deactivate the Rule

A rule can be activated or deactivated , by selecting the rule and clicking on the "Activate Rule" or "Deactivate Rule " button.

Activate Rule


Deactivate Rule



These filter will help you filter rules by their status


M-website implementation

For the m-website implementation Javascript tags need to be integrated.

Create an Adwall

An Adwall can be created from Adwall -> Adwall -> Add New Adwall.

Public Adwall are by default available to any Publisher. They can apply own rules on Public Adwall and use that Adwall for Ad serving

When an Ad wall is created from the Publisher login, then automatically a rule gets applied on the Adwall. All the approved campaigns for the Publisher would be automatically selected. The default rule can be modified through the tab “Manage Ad Rules “.

Before the Publisher registers his App , campaigns should be approved for him, else no Ads will be served. Most of the Install and PLA campaigns are application type campaigns and hence these campaigns need to be approved beforehand for the publisher.

Publisher needs to apply for the campaigns from the “Campaign Tab”.See above for more information.Publisher account Manager can be contacted for approval of campaigns.

Create Adwall.PNG

The Publisher needs to provide the following information.

  1. The type Ad Group or Adwall.
  2. Applicability Web or Mobile
  3. Ad Group Type
  4. Size

For Publishers who are running Ads on m-web, they should select the Applicability as “Mobile”. For Mobile, available formats can be chosen from the Formats dropdown.

Formats that are available are

  • Offerwall
  • 320 X 50 Swipe
  • 320 X 50 Swipe Embedded
  • 320 by 50 Swipe - Banner
  • 320 by 50 Swipe - Icon
  • 320 by 50 Swipe Embedded - Banner
  • 320 by 50 Swipe Embedded - Icon
  • 320 X 70 Swipe Embedded
  • Grid View 320X480
  • Carousel
  • Interstitial Grid View
  • Big Carousel
  • Content
  • Carousel - Similar Products
  • 100 X 100 Carousel
  • Full Screen Grid
  • Variable Height Ads Grid
  • Carousel (720 x 300)
  • Desktop OfferWall (300 x 600)

In case they want to run particular banner size which are not listed above, they should select the Applicability as “web”. Product Listing Ads cannot be served in case the Applicability is “web”. Only Install campaigns where the particular banner size is available will be served.

Adwall details.PNG

Apply Rules on the Adwall

If a new rule has been created, apart from the default rule that gets auto-applied once the Publisher Adwall is created, the new rule needs to be applied to App. For applying the newly created rule, below steps needs to be followed.

The rules can be applied on the Adwall from Adwall -> Adwall -> Apply Rules

Apply rules on adwall.PNG

The created rule can be applied to the Adwall by selecting the Adwall and applicable rules and clicking on Apply.

Apply rules on adwall details.PNG

Copy and paste the invocation code on m-website.

Go to the tab "Adwall". Find the Adwall that needs to be implemented on m-website and copy the invocation code.

Invocation code.png

An example of the invocation code