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What is Product Feed

In order to run Product Listing Ad Campaign, Advertisers need to submit the product feed in XML format. Please see the attached document for the feed format. URL for feed format-

Sample XML format-

How to Upload Product Feed

Product Feeds can be uploaded in the system. Extension types that are allowed are

  1. CSV files
  2. FTP- xml,csv,JSON,zip and .gz
  3. custom ( API integration)- Please contact Tyroo support for this kind of integration
  4. URL with xml extension- In case of URL, if the file is password protected, then in that case username and password should be concatenated before the url link as shown below.
       Username- kamal

Availability node value

Tyroo can process the following values in the "availability" node- 'in stock', 'false', 'no', numeric value other than zero and 'available'.

In case, there is a value in the advertiser feed which is not mentioned in the above , for that support should be contacted and an entry of that specific value needs to be maintained in the configuration file.Without this products will not be promoted.

Scheduling a Product Feed

Product Feeds needs to be uploaded in the system and linked to a PLA campaign, as shown below. User can give the fetching schedule. Schedules that are available

  1. Daily- frequency
  2. Weekly- Day and time when the feed should be fetched

Brand image should be uploaded . Allowed size limit is 20 KB and the allowed resolution is 116 by 44. Only png file type is allowed.

Upload Feed 1.jpg

Mapping the Feed Nodes to Tyroo Standard Nodes

Product Feed nodes are not standardized, hence it needs to be Tyroo defined nodes. Once the fetch schedule is updated for the need, nodes needs to be mapped. In case of FTP file upload or custom upload ( in case of API ), nodes for mapping will be available after some time. You can check the status , whether the nodes are available for mapping or not from Check Feed Status. To assist in mapping, preview feed button is available.You can see few items in feed, which will be helpful while doing the mapping of nodes.

Nodemapping 1.JPG


Nodemapping 1.JPG

Edit Feed Details

Product Feed schedule details like frequency, schedule for parsing, URL, username and password can be edited .

Edit feed.JPG

Edit Node Mapping

Mapped nodes can be edited as well, if by mistake wrong nodes were mapped or the original nodes, itself has changed.You can do this by clicking on the tab "Edit Mapped Nodes".

Feed parsing status

You can check the feed parsing status. In case there is an error while parsing, it will show the status. Below are the various parsing statuses.



Edit Product Details

Product Feed once uploaded, can be edited in case it is required. Sometime, it happens that the information about product in feed is incorrect and should be edited. Feed information can be manually edited , apart from the product id. It is suggested that only title, description etc are edited, which don't change often.Other information like price, discount, availability etc. keeps on varying and hence should not be edited, until and unless its absolutely required.

Edit product 1.JPG

Edit product 2.JPG

Tyroo Standard Nodes

node_name Description
product_id It’s the product ID, which will identify a single SKU.It cannot be duplicate
parent_product_id It's the parent product id. Lets say there are 10 SKU which are of the same group, then this is the group identifier
product_name It’s the title or name of the product
product_description This field contains the description about product feed
product_url This contains the URL on which a user needs to be redirected. This needs to be mapped appropriately based on whether the user needs to be send on Desktop or mobile App. In case , the user has to be sent to mobile Apps, then in that case this needs to be mapped with the mobile URL
product_price This is the MRP of the product. For example if the product mrp is 900 and discount offered is 10 %, then sales price becomes 810.
product_sale_price This is the sales price of the product. For example if the product mrp is 900 and discount offered is 10 %, then sales price becomes 810.
sale_price_effective_date This is the date since which the sales price will be effective
currency_cod this is the ISO currency code
discount_percentage this is the discount percent available on the product
discount_amount this is the discount amount available on the product. For example if the product mrp is 900 and discount offered is 10 %, then sales price becomes 810 and discount amount becomes 90
mobile_deeplink This is the mobile deeplink URL
image_url1 This is main image URL.
image_url_2 This is additional image URL's
image_url_3 This is additional image URL's
image_url_4 This is additional image URL's
image_url_5 This is additional image URL's
brand This is brand of the product
material This is material of the product
pattern This is pattern of the product
fit This is fit of the product
neck This is neck of the product. Example high neck etc.
garmentlength This is garmentlength of the product. Like short, knee length etc.
sleeves This is sleeves of the product, like short sleeves etc.
primary_color This is primary_color of the product
secondary_color This is secondary_color of the product
gender This is gender of the product. Meaning whether this is for Men, women
age_group This is age_group of the product. This should contain the age groups like 10 to 17 etc.
size This is size of the product like S,M,XL,L etc.
size_system This is size_system of the product like US Metric, UK size
occasion This is occasion of the product. Like partywear, beachwear
season This is season for which the product will be worn like winter, summer etc.
availability This is availability of the product
availability_date This is availability_date of the product, date since which product will be available
emi_available This is emi availablity of the product
cod This contains cash on delivery option on product
cod_charges This is cod_charges of the product
shipping_charges This is shipping_charges of the product
taxes This is taxes of the product
offers This is offers on the product
condition This is condition of the product whether this is new or old etc.
delivery_time This is delivery_time of the product in terms of number of days
category This is category of the product
category_id This is category_id of the product
sub_category This is sub_category of the product
sub_category_id This is sub_category_id of the product
sub_sub_category This is sub_sub_category of the product
sub_subcategory_id This is sub_subcategory_id of the product
category_level_4 This is category_level_4 of the product
category_level_4_id This is category_level_4_id of the product
category_level_5 This is category_level_5 of the product
category_level_5_id This is category_level_5_id of the product
model_id This is model_id of the product. Especially valid in case of electronics
model_name This is model_name of the product. Especially valid in case of electronics
upc This is upc of the product
ean This is ean of the product
mpn This is mpn of the product
isbn This is isbn of the product
likes This is no of likes for the product
reviews This is no of reviews for the product
shares This is no of shares of the product
ratings This is ratings of the product
extra_1 This is placeholder for extra information about the product. Value needs to be filled over here
extra_1_name This is name of the attribute filled in extra_1 node
extra_2 This is placeholder for extra information about the product. Value needs to be filled over here
extra_2_name This is name of the attribute filled in extra_2 node
extra_3 This is placeholder for extra information about the product. Value needs to be filled over here
extra_3_name This is name of the attribute filled in extra_3 node
extra_4 This is placeholder for extra information about the product. Value needs to be filled over here
extra_4_name This is name of the attribute filled in extra_4 node
federated_product_id This is federated_product_id of the product. Meaning this will contain a unique no of product across sellers. Samsung galaxy S7 will have a different product id in FK and different in Snapdeal. But this field will contain same value of product across sellers
cashback This is cashback on the product