Product Listing Ad Campaign

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This document gives an overview to Operations team on how they can set up a Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns on TC.Product Listing Ad campaigns serves Product Ads of various e-retail players.


Add Advertiser

An Advertiser needs to be created on TC using the "Advertisers" Tab.

Add Advertiser.png

Set Up PLA Campaign

In the campaign menu, select the Advertiser for which the campaign is to be added. Add a new campaign. For more information on how to set up campaigns click on this link-Campaign Creation

Set up campaign 1.png

In the Add New Campaign, select the appropriate fields for Product Listing Ad campaigns:

Product Type

Select the required product type from the available values in the dropdown. For Product Listing Ads, the value “PLA” needs to be selected.


In case if the user clicks on an Ad 3 cases may happen.

Mobile Website

User is redirected to the mobile website of the company. This needs to be filled in case an Advertiser has m-website.Advertiser should give the Deeplink Query string for the PLA campaigns for m-websites. Query string can be UTM parameters or tracking ids' in case of Affiliate programs.This string helps in tracking & attribution

M-website 1.png

Mobile App
Only Deeplink Available

Deeplink URL’s are the URL’s which takes the user directly inside a particular page inside the App. For PLA campaigns, after clicking on a particular product, user lands directly on the product page inside the App.


An example of Myntra Deeplink URL is shown below

For the tracking link, we need to pass the macros for our own tracking. In the tracking URL for PLA following macros must be present.

Macros Description Mandatory
 %%cookieId%% cookieid Yes
 %%bannerId%% bannerid Yes
 %%trackerId%% trackerid Yes
 %%affiliateId%% Affiliate ID Yes
 %%ip%% iP address of client Yes
 %%ua%% user agent of client Yes
 %%os%% Os of the client- adr,ios client Yes
 %%osversion%% Os version of the client Yes
 %%devicemodel%% devicemodel of client Yes
 %%devicebrand%% device brand of client Yes
 %%deviceType%% device type of client. e.g. tablet, mobile Yes
 %%subId1%% Extra placeholder for values passed by Publisher Yes
 %%subId2%% Extra placeholder for values passed by Publisher Yes
 %%subId3%% Extra placeholder for values passed by Publisher Yes
 %%subId4%% Extra placeholder for values passed by Publisher Yes
 %%subId5%% Extra placeholder for values passed by Publisher Yes
 %%productId%% Product ID No, if productUrl is filled
 %%productUrl%% Product URL No, if producId is filled
 %%gps_adid%% Google advertising identifer No
 %%IDFA%% iOS advertising identifier No
 %%androidId%% Android id No
Deferred Deep linking Available

In case an App is not installed on the user’s device, the user is redirected first to Google Play store/App store to download the App and post install the product page opens directly. In case the deferred Deeplinking is available, then in that case the checkbox of Deferred Deplinking at campaign level must be checked and the Mobile URL must be filled.

Deferred deeplink.png

App Install URL

This field will be filled only when the deferred Deep linking feature is not available with the Attribution & Tracking Partners (ATB). In case Deferred Deep linking is not available, then in certain cases, an Advertiser might want to redirect the user to Google Play store or App Store .Cases where Ad serving is happening through SDK and not JS tag or API, in that case in absence of App, user will be redirected to play store or App store.

App install.png

An example of Play store URL